Course Keys **** To Graciously-Help other to Mitigate-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts--- we must work earnestly in trying to understand in Sympathetic-Ways: 1. What Different-Peoples' Perspectives and Points-of-View are --- as people experience them --- for all of their own perhaps unique reasons --- as well as for common reasons. 2. What different: Assumptions, Attitudes, Experiences, Beliefs, Fears, Anxieties, Vulnerabilities, Diseases, Injuries, Committments, Promises, Covenants, Bondings, etc. --- lead different people to understand texts, essays, conversations, statements, songs, signs, etc. --- in different ways than we understand them. 3. How we can come to a sympathetic understanding of the way that other people come to be comfortable with how they understand a text, essay, conversation, statement, song, sign, etc. --- in the way that they do so. 4. How to help other to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts that have grown out of Domineering-Bullies' Senses-of- Entitlement --- because of how God has favored them as Special-Creatures with the Rights-to-Control: Lands, Texts, Scriptures, Peoples, Ideals, Ideas, Values, Virtues, Destinations, Destinies, etc. 5. The Special-Challenges to people trying to Mitigate-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts which have been generated by: Religious-Arrogance, Political-Arrogance, Scientists'-Arrogance, Academic-Arrogance, Sexual-Arrogance, Technocratic- Arrogance, Judicial-Arrogance, Legislative-Arrogance, etc. 6. How each form of Arrogance --- in its own distinctive ways --- Challenges the people who are trying to Mitigate- Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts --- within the corresponding matrices of Specialized/Isolated Forms-of-Concentration of Powers-and-Wealth; often wrapped up in Honored/Revered forms of Idolatrous-Technologies that are credited with Redemptive-Alienative-Powers --- through complicity in Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- which are Holy- and-Sacred. Each form of Alienative-Arrogance is associated with Specialized-forms-of-Excellence that are Idolized by Idolators. 7. What kinds of inter-personal-processes and/or relationships --- reliably Augment-Alienations and/or Reliably Mitigate-Alienations? What makes the difference between the outcomes? Might it be found in clusters of mutually-complementary-and-balanced: a. Ideas, Ideals, Values, Virtues? b. Techniques, Technologies, Technocrats? c. Visions, Dreams, Fantasies? d. Leaders, Role-Models, Exemplars? e. Scripts, Scriptures, Interpretations f. Environments, Resources, Nature's-Evolutions? g. Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters, Warriors, Terrorists, Peace-Makers? 8. How/why is it that Domineering-Bullies cannot accept two different articulations of Essential-Clusters-of-Mutually- Supportive-Virtues --- as being essentially-equivalent. Perhaps there are long traditions of one articulation empowering Domineering-Bullies, but there is no such tradition associated with any newer articulation --- and young people are free to see that the traditional pattern of empowering Domineering-Bullies cannot be justified with integrity in any well balanced terms. The traditions of Domineering-Bullies --- cannot be supported with integrity by any articulation of any Coherent-and-Balanced-Cluster-of-True-Virtues --- because Domineering-Bullies have not offered any coherent proposals. 9. What can-be our-most: helpful, healing-and-integrative-responses that we can offer --- whenever we encounter --- each of the following realities in ourselves and/or in each other: Imperfections? Vulnerabilities? Anxieties? Fears? Wants? Needs? Evil-Relationships? Impurities? Domination? Violence? Alienation? Polarizations? Antagonism? Distrust? Anger? Unmet-Basic-Needs? Impatience? Intolerance? Anxieties? Terrors?