Course Keys **** In a course a for people learning how to help others to Mitigate Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts, Violence, Coercion, Terrorism, etc. --- assignments might call for students to write essays focusing upon: 1. Paraphrasing some perspectives and points of view perceived upon reading essays here at; and seen as helpfully relevant to Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts --- upon which attention has previously been focused by students. 2. Pointing to how some writings might be experienced as unnecessarily threatening to some people; and how the point of the essay could be communicated in potentially equivalent, but less threatening ways that might involve: poetry, art, dance, music, dramas, scriptures, role-playing, games, etc. 3. Pointing out instances in which an essay failed to address a very important/relevant: issue, question, perspective, conflict --- that was central to what was being presented in the essay. 4. Pointing out how and why some people might be seriously misled by a particular essay/text; for reasons having to do with what differing people bring to their encounters with an essay/text; due to differences in: Experiences, Languages, Training, Religions, Cultures, Heritages, Wealth, Power, Maturity, etc.