Course Keys **** People who are primarily-motivated by other-people's-calls-to: (a) Action, (b) Conformity (c) Judgement, (d) Agreement, (e) Loyalty, (f) Purity, (g) Unity, etc. --- are likely to become the complicit-participants and victims-of the efforts of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters --- to Concentrate Wealth-and-Powers into the hands of their kinds of people --- who do NOT spend much time in Authentic-Efforts to Be-Together Engaged-Together-In: 1. Open and Honest-Dialogue, 2. The Mitigation of their own Alienative-Conflicts among Concepts of what is: Good, Right, Proper, Superior, Best; 3. The Exploration of New-Relationships-and-Differing-Concepts, 4. The Integration of Diverse-Relationships-and-Diverse-Concepts, 5. Demonstrations of Mutual-Acceptance, Generosity and Hospitality, 6. Supporting: Generosity, Hospitality and Distributive-Justice-for-ALL, 7. Supporting: Communal-Health-Care-for-All as the foundation for COMMUNAL-Integrity-and-Health, 8. Cooperation in Mitigating our own Alienative: Conflicts, Violence, Coercion and Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, 9. Cooperation in Mitigating our own Alienative: Communal-Patterns of Domination-and-Mobbing, 10. Cooperation in Mitigating our own Alienative: Terrors, Terrorism, and Wars-AGAINST - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Instead, many people focus heavily upon questions of the following ALIENATIVE UN-KIND KINDS: 1. Whom should we defeat/eliminate first? Next? 2. Whose honor/reputation shall we besmirch first? Next? 3. What virtues, ideals and values shall we call into question first? Next? 4. What integrative experiences shall we denigrate first? Next? 5. How shall we AUGMENT ALIENATIVE CONFLICTS first? Next? 6. How can be become inherently superior first? In the next competition? 7. What technocrats can we most profitably seduce first? Next? 8. What technologies can we most profitably improve first? Next? 9. What ISOLATED: virtues, ideals, and values can we most profitably pervert first? Next? 10. How can we improve our prisons around us first for profits' sake? Extend them for more profits' sake?