Course Keys **** There are some "virtues" which Domineering-Bullies can easily use and abuse to their advantage - - - in their efforts to concentrate Wealth-and-Powers; e.g., admonitions to demonstrate: generosity, humility, loyalty, enthusiasm, tenacity, trust, obedience, sacrifice, etc. --- in regards to what Domineering-Bullies want people to do. There are other true-virtues for which it is difficult for Domineering-Bullies to so easily use and abuse them to their advantage --- to Concentrate Wealth-and-Powers; e.g., Personal-Authenticity in describing the Mitigation-of-Alienative- Conflicts within which Domineering-Bullies are playing leading roles. There is, however, a deeply rooted real dilemma in the fact that Domineering-Bullies can take advantage of even some of the most authentic-and-essential Particular-Virtues --- to heighten the vulnerabilities of True-Lovers. How the, can we describe and affirm essential INDIVIDUAL: ideals, values, virtues, hopes and expectations --- while mitigating the possibilities that Domineering-Bullies will be able to use and abuse even them --- in the service of their: GREED, COVETOUSNESS and DOMINATION? We must describe, affirm and demonstrate TRULY-ESSENTIAL: Ideals, Virtues, Hopes and Expectations --- within TRULY- ESSENTIAL-CLUSTERS of them --- which AS-ESSENTIAL-CLUSTERS are not easily used and abused by any Domineering-Bullies or Mobbing-Mobsters --- within Disintegrative-Conflicts --- to their isolated advantage. Domineering-Bullies and admirers of their Life-Styles --- often contend/behave as if ALL-REALITIES are: 1. Objective, 2. Controllable, 3. Predictable, 4. Never-Essentially-Mysterious, 5. Never-Essentially-Reflexive, 6. Never-Worthy-of-Reverence, 7. Never-Essentially-Transcendent, 8. Never Miracles which transcend human Manipulations. It is a dilemma for us to find ways to Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts which involve such people; for they may contend that there are no real Alienative-Conflicts, in keeping with their pervasive Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception; which they are ALL trying to WIN at each other's expense. (AN IMPOSSIBLE-GOAL!) The most significant miracles do NOT involve the suspension-of nor violate-the-accuracy-of Scientists'-Repeatedly- Proven Accurate-Descriptions of Utterly-Reliable-Patterns of OBJECTIVE: Motions, Accelerations, Interactions, and ways of exchanging amounts of Conserved-Quantities of Computable-Realities; e.g., ENERGY/MASS, LINEAR-MOMENTUM, ANGULAR- MOMENTUM, CHARGE, ISOTOPIC-MASS, ISOTOPIC-SPIN, BOSON-NUMBER, LEPTON-NUMBER, ETC. The most significant miracles DO involve the transcendence of the: demands, commands, expectations, dominations, arrogance, self-righteousness, coercion, violence, and Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- of Domineering- Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters. Such transcendence has often been affirmed and demonstrated by True-Lovers helping Victims/Participants to Mitigate their own Alienative-Conflicts to amazing extents --- which transcend all that can be done by Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters <===> in keeping with their Life-Styles-and-Ideals.