We sow seeds-of-alienation whenever we (intentionally-with-malice, or quite unintentionally and sincerely) do any of the following: 1. Gossip about individual persons or groups of persons; saying things which lead other persons to be unfairly suspicious of them and/or prejudiced against those individuals and/or groups of people. 2. Denigrate authentic virtues and/or clusters of authentic and mutually supportive virtues (intentionally with malice, or quite unintentionally and sincerely.) 3. Represent alienative-vices and/or clusters of alienative-vices as meriting high levels of respect, honor and/or support; i.e., as virtues or good-ideals-and-values. 4. Overtly: blame, shame and/or punish individual persons or groups of persons - - - for events and/or outcomes --- in the absence of any unbiased and properly constituted fair-trial - - - under proper standards for due-process --- so that outcomes are NOT-UNFAIRLY-BASED upon any of the above alienative behaviors, or upon: capricious, arbitrary, prejudicial or upon BIASED other procedures, circumstances or capricious behaviors.