Course Keys **** What are the essential aspects of the Two-commandments to Love-God-who-is-LOVE --- and to love Neighbors-as-Self? To affirm both commandments we need to: 1. Affirm-Transcendent-Clusters of Gracious-Mutually-Complementary-Virtues that merit honor, respect and approaching reference --- because they are All-Together the Foundations for both Personal-and-Communal Integration-Processes and Present-Integrities; Indivisibly as LOVE-is-WHOLE. 2. Be aware of and Beware of Alienative-Arrogance about Being-Special/Superior - - - in: Omnipotence, Transcendence, and Domineering-Powers/Wealth that neglect to Attend-Graciously-to-Satisfying Neighbors'-Basic-Essential-Needs --- because; without them being satisfied - - - there is Neither-Personal-Nor-Communal-Integrity. 3. RECOGNIZE, ACKNOWLEDGE, DESCRIBE AND CLARIFY - - - THAT: In the ABSENCE of Reverence-for-the-Pervasive Mitigation- of-Alienative-Conflicts --- Domineering-Bullies Systematically AUGMENT: Alienative-Conflicts through the AUGMENTATIONS OF Alienative-Concentrations of: Powers, Wealth, Greed, Possessions, Controls, Technologies, Technocrats, Specializations, Alienations, Superiorities, Fear, Anxieties, Arrogance and Self-Righteousness - - - In-the-Presence of Neighbors-in-Dire-Need within the crew of Gods's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth --- with the possibilities for future Exponentially-Dwindling Finite-Supplies of PURE: Air, Water, Oil, Natural-Gas, Coal, U-235, U-238, and minerals --- which are essential to the current standards of modern living - - - among the currently most privileged members of the crew of Space-Ship-Earth.