Course Keys **** Domineering-Bullies capitalize on Vulnerabilities which originate in many kinds of realities; such as the following: 1. Naivete, 2. Ignorance, 3. Simplistic-Idealism, 4. Confusion, 5. Being TOO-BUSY to THINK or FEEL, 6. Being Distracted by constant Advertising and Entertainments, 7. Being Busy-Concentrating-Wealth-and-Powers, e.g., getting more of what they have in adequate supply, 8. Cultivated Fears, Anxieties and Terrors, 9. Fears of: Rejection, Exclusion, Shunnings, Abandonment, Excommunications, etc. 10. Fears of: Attacks, Threats, Coercion, Violence, Demands, Commandments, etc. 11. Fears of the loss of Prestige, Honor, Reverence, Rewards, Security, Safety, etc. Wherever vulnerability have originated - - - Domineering-Bullies find ways to Augment-Vulnerabilities by Augmenting-the- Multitude-of-Conditions that Augment-Vulnerabilities. We need to keep this fact in mind as we seek to help others to Mitigate THEIR-OWN-ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS which Augment-Vulnerabilities! Else, Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters will get-their-way-more-often and Concentrate-More-Wealth-and-Powers in Alienative-Ways. Domineering-Bullies have often defended their Alienative-Behaviors by saying that they are in the service of: God, The- Church, The-Community-Welfare, The-Common-Good - - - and that such Nobel-Purposes Justify-the-Means needed to achieve their Noble-Purposes. They-ignore and they-are indifferent to the Great-Costs to many-people --- due to their Unilateral-Actions. Such "inferior" people do not "count", because they are not "important" or "superior" people.