True-Coveting includes one or more of the following aspects of Domineering-Behaviors: 1. Wanting to own and control a possession in an exclusive way, especially if someone else "has it" now. 2. Wanting to control realities which cannot be controlled with integrity; especially if by their natures they cannot be controlled by any mortal or coalition of mortals; e.g., Personal: Thoughts, Integrities, Perspectives, Hopes, Aspirations, Desires, Needs, etc. 3. Wanting to dominate any person or personal relationships --- now or how the relationship(s) evolve. 4. Wanting to control in egocentric ways some personal friendships and/or intimacies. 5. Being-Addicted to trying to fulfill one or more of the above kinds of wants; perhaps with the help of one or more Codependent-Supporters in such efforts. True-Coveting thus generates many Alienative-Conflicts and occasions of Mutual-Alienation among those involved. People who are unwilling and/or unable to Let-Go-of-Coveting --- cannot with-integrity help others to Mitigate-Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts.