Course Keys **** We must often do things in the right order; or things go terribly wrong. We must FIRST Find-Common-Ground in Shared-Affirmations of Mutually-Supportive-Clusters of: Ideals, Values, Virtues, and Honorable-Basic-Human-Needs that everyone should be helped to have them adequately filled --- BEFORE we can hope with integrity to: 1. Mitigate our-own Alienative-Conflicts with other Participant/Victims of our-own Alienative-Conflicts. 2. Reconcile our Contentious Differences with people who are being contentious with us. 3. Cooperate and/or Collaborate with others in helping each other to get our most basic humane needs be well-fulfilled. 4. Share Hospitality on a Regular-Basis with others whom we do not know and/or trust now. 5. Reliably Honor and Trust others whom we do not know and/or trust now. 6. Understand, appreciate and help to Mitigate: Fears, Anxieties and Terrors with our Strangers and Enemies of Today. Finding-Common-Ground is often undermined by our: 1. Finding Fault and/or Guilt in others. 2. Searching for Weaknesses and/or Vulnerabilities in others. 3. Labeling-People as: Strange, Guilty, Evil, Enemy, Disloyal, Unpatriotic, Nonconformists, Traitors, etc. 4. Pretending to be Inherently Superior-People to others whom we view as Inherently Inferior-People. 5. Concentrating Alienative-Amounts of Wealth-and-Power. 6. Specializing upon Unilateral-Actions in the absence of Cooperative and/or Collaborative Actions. 7. Being Arrogant, Self-Righteous and/or Egocentric in our Relationships with other people. 8. Trying to Resolve other people's Conflicts for them, on our terms, through unilateral actions which we initiate. 9. Avoiding getting involved in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, Friendships and Intimate-Relationships.