Course Keys **** Religious and Political organizations that are led by Domineering-Bullies are often preoccupied with contentious issues of: identify, conformity, purity, loyalty and/or unity. Such organizations have difficulties-dealing-with people who are capable of honoring and do honor: cooperation, colaboration, diversity, tolerance, creativity, openness, dialogue, and honesty --- about-many-different: emotions, feelings, hopes, pleasures, perspectives, points-of-view, desires, hopes, aspirations, expectations, fears, anxieties, vulnerabilities, etc. --- which cannot be controlled helpfully or with integrity - - - by Domineering-Bullies or Mobbing-Mobsters. As a result of the above considerations --- Religious, Political and other Organizations which are led by Domineering- Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters --- are victims of Alienative-Conflicts that mitigate-the-realities pointed to by words on-the-left-below; and augment-the-realities pointed to by words on the right below: Honor Expectations Cooperation Fears Collaborations Anxieties Diversity Vulnerabilities Tolerance Controls Openness Secrecy Dialogue Violence Listening Preaching Liberation Constraints Intimacies Conformity Honesty Pretentions Informality Formalities Integrity Appearances Sanctuaries Punishments Friendships Defenses Romances Contentiousness Love Fights Affection Terrorism Sensitivity Wars Empathy Colonialism Kindness Anger Forgiveness Resentment Humility Arrogance To help people to Mitigate-their-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - we will have to deal with the realities pointed to above, without losing the respect and trust of those whom we are seeking to help in their efforts to Mitigate-Their-Own- Alienative-Conflicts.