Course Keys **** The meaning which each person discerns/discovers in each text --- depends upon each person's own: 1. Heritages: DNA, Cultural, Educational, Familial, National, Religious, Scientific, Economic, Military, etc. 2. Past experiences and their own/internalized interpretations of those past experiences. 3. Patterns of thought, reasoning, meditation, praying, research, computations, calculations, etc. 4. Injuries and Diseases in civilian and/or military contexts. 5. Injuries and Diseases due to terrorism in civilian and/or military contexts. 6. Injuring and Diseases due to Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters --- in any/all contexts. 7. Reconciliations facilitated by True-Lovers and Mitigators of their Own Alienative-Conflicts. 8. Committments to the Mitigation of their own Alienative-Conflicts. 9. Committments to Personal-and-Communal Integration-Processes and/or Present-Integrities. 10. Intellect with formal and/or informal educational experiences in reading and/or classes. 11. Intimate experiences with Gracious-True-Lovers and Facilitators of Alienative-Conflicts. 12. Disciplined training in how to help people to contribute to the Mitigation-of-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts. The central texts of the worlds' great religions include affirmations that can be perceived as having Equivalent- Meanings-and-Significances --- to the extent that people are able to put themselves sympathetically "in each other's situations of interpretation". In the absence of such abilities - - - there are often Alienative-Conflicts that need to be mitigated for the common good of all Participants/Victims - - - by the Participants/Victims of those Alienative-Conflicts.