Course Keys **** Which of the following are essential elements of successful efforts to Mitigate-Evil? 1. Controlling well identified Evil-People? 2. Controlling well identified Evil-Intimate-Relationships? 3. Controlling well identified Evil-Desires-and-Pleasures? 4. Enforcing Approved-Appropriate-Standards-for-Conformity? 5. Perfecting Laws and Law-Enforcement-Agencies? 6. Properly Concentrating Great-Wealth-and-Powers? 7. Perfecting Great-Moral-and-Ethical-Codes? 8. Properly-Identifying Evil-and-Good People in Public-Places? 9. Objectifying the Essential-Nature-of-Evil - - - so we can control Evil? 10. Rewarding Good-People - - - and Punishing Evil-People? What then are the essential elements in Mitigating-Evil-Human-Relationships? What kinds of people are best qualified to most helpfully play key roles in helping us to Mitigate-our-Own Alienative-Conflicts and Relationships-of-Mutual-Alienation?