Course Keys **** In terms of what carefully-unexamined: attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, "virtues", ideals, goals, etc. --- can we best defend our practices of ALIENATIVE Excommunications, Shunnings, Rejections, Exclusions, Castes, Segregations, Hierarchical-Structures, Domination, Colonialization, Wealth-Concentrations, Power-Concentrations and Playing-of-Good- Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - about the Limited-Essential-Material-Resources within God's Astronom- ically-Tiney-Space-Ship-Earth - - - which is Essentially-Isolated from any ACCESSIBLE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL Essential- Material-Resources. Which of the following will serve as an adequate basis for defending our traditional practices of ALIENATIVE behaviors? 1. Greed, Covetousness and/or Jealousy? 2. The Superiority and Inferiority of particular people? 3. The Perfection, Purity and Loyalty of particular people? 4. The Omnipotence of Eternal-Life? 5. Certain leaders being incorruptible in the presence of Great-Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers? 6. The possibility of becoming invulnerable in the presence of Great-Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers? 7. The possibility of becoming Unilaterally-and-Absolutely-Secure with More-than-Enough Wealth-and-Powers? 8. Being able to get, keep and hoard More-than-Enough? 9. Wise-and-Prudent Hoarding for a Bad-Year? 10. Becoming empowered to do what is NOW KNOWN to be Impossible-to-Do? 11. Getting More-than-Enough Trust-and-Credit to survive well? 12. Getting More-than-Enough Honor, Respect, Reverence and Rewards? How can we determine which Superior-Alienative-Controls will be best for US --- in the long term? Can we determine which motivations most frequently lead to personal and communal Integration-Processes and Integrities? How can we prove that our determinations are right? In terms of what criteria? By what means? By what experts? How can we best help each other to Graciously Mitigate-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts?