Course Keys **** How can we mitigate our Alienative-Conflicts between the pervasive calls for Distributive-Justice in a large fraction of all religious scriptures (regarding vulnerable children, widows, strangers, immigrants, and sick neighbors) and the Most-Wealthy and Most-Powerful promoters of Unrestrained-Capitalism? The latter argue that Unconstrained-Capitalism and large For-Profit-Corporations are best qualified to provide the essential services needed to maintain: 1. A Healthy-Economy, 2. A Healthy-Basic-Health-Care-Delivery-System, 3. A Healthy-Set of Profitable-Insurance-Companies to insure adequate Basic-Health-Care-for-All, 4. The most efficient use of available resources, 5. Just-Competition for the opportunity-to-be-of-service to all who need to have their Basic-Health-Care-Needs met, with a Just-Profit insured for the most competitive-providers. The promoters of Unconstrained-Capitalism have opposed letting citizens decide to insure the honoring of the calls of most major founders of religious traditions for Distributive-Justice --- to insure equal-opportunities-for-all to fulfill their God-Given-Potentials --- through citizen-controlled Governmental-Cooperation - - - as has traditionally been the case in the areas of: Police-Services, Courts-of-Justice, Fire-Departments, Highway-Building-and-Maintenance and Basic-Education. FOR-PROFIT-CORPORATIONS by law must first serve the selfish-interests of Wealthy-Investors --- in order to survive as concentrators of Wealth-and-Power --- by first satisfying Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters; rather than by soon providing services to meet the needs of the Most-Vulnerable, Least-Powerful and Least-Wealthy people within our many different kinds of communities, within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth which is utterly dependent upon God's nearest star which we cannot control now - - - and will never be able to control --- as it eventually runs out of fuel. Is there any evidence that FOR-PROFIT-CORPORATIONS have in actual practice been dedicated to responding to the pervasive calls for Distributive-Justice in a large fraction of All-Religious-Scriptures - - - regarding vulnerable children, widows, strangers, immigrants, and sick neighbors? Where is that evidence to be found? How interpreted? What patterns of actual-humane-relationships have been shown to reliably evolve within an Unconstrained-Capitalistic Economic-System --- to insure that the essential basic humane needs of the least-powerful and the least-wealthy will be graciously filled by Unconstrained-Capitalists? What roles do Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing Mobsters play if their FOR-PROFIT-CORPORATIONS do play significant roles in graciously meeting such needs? What is the evidence? Where is the evidence? Who knows? Who reveals it?