Course Keys **** Readers of these essays at are likely to make tragic mistakes --- if they fall into the traps of reading and/or treating essays found here as: 1. Authoritative in any sense. 2. Launching pads for contentious/alienative debates. 3. Foci for the generation of Alienative-Conflicts. 4. Tools to be used/abused in efforts to dominate/defeat any person or persons. 5. Pointing to objective facts and relationships. 6. Pointing out who is good, and to who is evil; or to who is enemy/traitor. 7. Superior to complementary writings of any kinds. 8. Defining what is absolutely true, certain and beyond doubt/question. 9. Having been written to communicate implications by inuendo. 10. Written in some secret code-language with hidden meanings which cannot be challenged or discussed openly/honestly. The essays found here are offered as possible foci for open and honest dialogue regarding what readers of them have discerned to be true and helpful --- because of their differing: backgrounds, experiences, cultures, assumptions, perspectives, ways-of-thinking, ways-of-communicating, etc. --- and so understand the meanings of the essays in differing ways. The meanings of reflexive essays such as these, are not objectively present within the texts of the essays. The meanings of reflexive essays such as these, are reflexively present within the readers of the essays; in the light of what readers of the essays HAVE BROUGHT TO THEIR READINGS OF THE ESSAYS. It is those-meanings which can most helpfully be the foci of Open-and-Honest-Dialogues among the readers of these, and of complementary other writings. Enjoy being together within the Gracious-Ways-of-Shalom in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about many differing perspectives, points of view, beliefs, and convictions. Help each other to Mitigate your own Alienative Conflicts and Relationships-of-Alienation!