Course Keys **** The Mitigation-of-Alienative-Conflicts is always built upon people's own understandings of the natures of existing- relationships - - - and of how alienations can be mitigated by being-together in Shalom's Many-Different-Ways-of-LOVE. If existing-relationships entail no KNOWN alienation; can there be any need to mitigate alienation? Why/How? If existing-relationships entail GREAT-ALIENATIONS; how can the participants KNOW much about the relationships? In each of the above two situations, there is a dilemma. In what gracious ways might such situations be understood? Might imperfect-people and imperfect-relationships Evolve-Out of exclusively-dichotomous thinking and polarizing patterns of relationships --- by creative-people thinking in creative-ways about their-own-experiences --- and about the sweet-and-bitter fruits of approaching other people-and-relationships with INTEGRATIVE-CLUSTERS of: MUTUALLY- COMPLEMENTARY-and-MUTUALLY-SUPPORTIVE attitudes, assumptions, intentions, expectations, desires, demands, beliefs; ideals, values, principles, virtues --- which are honored and/or despised; trusted and/or denigrated; revered and/or regarded --- as the essence of evil? Either-or approaches tend to generate alienation-and-alienative-conflicts, often with the participants not fully aware of what they have created by focusing their attention in polarizing/dichotomous ways. In the situations suggested above, the participant-victims in Alienative-Conflicts and Alienative-Relationships lack the perspectives Essential-to-Mitigating-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts and their own Tragic-Alienations. They need help from people who are not like them, but who can gain their trust as offering Gracious-Assistance-to-them to help them to find ways to Mitigate-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts in ways which Meet-Their-Own-Authentic-Needs. A tall order! Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters are Committed-to TRAGIC Dichotomous-and-Polarizing Ways-of-Seeing/Thinking --- which trap them in their own prisons which make outsiders look like they are the ones who are in prison For-Being-Fools! Is it such True-Lovers who seem to be in prison, For-Being-Fools, who know how to help Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing- Mobsters to learn how to Mitigate THEIR-OWN Alienative-Conflicts and THEIR-OWN-ALIENATIONS? Who can helpfully tell?