Course Keys **** The following suggest some ways that we can become familiar with and helpfully involved in people's cooperative efforts to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts: Engage in Research via the use of Libraries and Web-Sites --- focusing upon the natures of the work of organizations that have focused their efforts upon: 1. The foundations for facilitating peaceful relationships between people and nations. 2. Conflict-Resolution between traditionally hostile peoples. 3. Social-Responsibility in Professional-Organizations. 4. Mediation, Negotiation and Community-Building. 5. Healthy-Intimate-Relationships and Patterns of Cooperation. 6. Facilitating the development of healthy-and-vital sexual-relationships. 7. Encouraging young people to become committed to and involved in the healing-arts. 8. Encouraging volunteers to become involved in hospitals, hospitality, and health-care institutions. 9. Facilitating involvement in efforts to mitigate the development of Alienative-Conflicts among young people. 10. Facilitating shifts towards Mitigations by participants/victims of their own Alienative-Conflicts. 11. Building Communal-Sanctuaries to Shelter Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about meeting the basic-human-needs-of-ALL. 12. Bringing the above issues into Candidates' Political Campaigns to get elected to Public-Elective-Offices. 13. Bringing the above issues into the discussions within religious organizations about Calls for Distributive-Justice. 14. Opportunities to become involved in already existing organizations that are focusing upon the above efforts. 15. Comparing what is here in to what is available elsewhere. 16. "Fletcher School of Diplomacy" at Tufts University and other such programs around the world. 17. "Peace Institutes" all around the world both inside and outside of university/college settings. 18. The history of and the work of the United Nations and its many active agencies. 19. The work of "The American Civil Liberties Union" and Labor-Unions in regards to protecting Constitution-Rights. 20. The work of the U.S.A. Supreme Court in interpreting the Constitutional-Rights of Americans. 21. The history and work of the League of Women Voters. 22. The history and work of the Ku Klux Klan and its supportive other organizations. 23. The history of slavery down through history into the present day in the sex-slave-trade around the world. 24. The history of leaders in Non-Violent-Resistance like Gandhi, King, Tutu, Mandela, and others. 25. The writings of Walter-Wink as summarized in his little book "The Powers that Be". 26. The history of and the work of the United-Nations-Association-of-the-United-States-of-America. 27. The needs in your own local community, city, state and nation - - - in local-community-chapters accessible to you.