Our Long-Term Net-Grounds for: Hope, Security, Joy and Health --- are to be found in our appreciations-of, respect-for and confidence-in the interdependence-between our-communal and our personal forms-of-integrities and integrative- processes/relationships --- RATHER-THAN-IN-MISLEADING: 1. Unilaterally-Controlled: Possessions, Freedoms, Rights, Rites, Rituals, Liturgies; Knowledge, Certainty, Technologies, Forts, Fortresses, Defenses; Stocks, Bonds, Investments, Bondings, Slaves, Colonies, Resources, etc. 2. Isolation, Invulnerability, Superiority, Perfection, Loyalty, Coalitions - - - and Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self- Deception about such realities. 3. Superior: Economies, Competitions, Winnings, Constructions, Pretentions, Appearances, Accumulations, etc; 4. Domination, Control, Permanence; or Concentrations of Power, Wealth and Energy; 5. Conformity to Proper-Forms of: Experiences, Knowledge, Relationships, Intimacies, Communications, Pleasures, Fears, Anxieties, Technologies or Appearances. Many of our Apparent-Forms-of-Success are essentially: Empty, Meaningless, Insignificant, Pretentious, etc. --- and NOT WORTHY of: Admiration, Honor, Respect, Imitation or Support --- because such Apparent-Forms-of-Success are founded upon Long-Term-Unsustainable: 1. Assumptions, Attitudes, Approaches, Affirmations, Arrogance, Absolutes and Addictions. 2. Boasting, Bragging, Bullies, Bullying, Budgets and Exponential-Growths in Rates of Consumption of Finite-Resources. 3. Thoughtless-Consumptions-of-Finite-Resources, Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception which cannot be WON, Coercion, Conspiracies, Covetousness and Jealousy. 4. Destruction, Drugs, Addictions, Chemical-Solutions-to-Dilemmas, Delusions and Presumed-Final-Destinations/Success. 5. Evil-Relationships of Alienation-and-Violence --- which are-not-Sustainable. 6. Failures-to-Affirm Balanced-Clusters of Mutually-Supportive Virtues which Sustain-Distributive-Justice-for-ALL. 7. Patterns-of-concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers which Generate Alienative-Justice and Communal-Disintegrations. 8. Specialized and Isolated forms of Pretentious-Justice which is-not-sustainable.