The term "Peace-Making" is problematic in communities that are dominated by Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters --- because of at least the following three considerations: 1. Within such communities there are many people who look upon "Peace-Making" as a process of "Solving-Technical-Problems" with Superior-Technical-Means, Superior-Power-and-Wealth and Superior-Levels-of-Confidence. 2. Leaders within such communities are NOT-Dedicated to Mitigating THEIR-OWN: Alienative- Conflicts, Ignorance, Diseases, Prejudices, Biases, Confusions, Violence, Intolerance, Excommunications, Dichotomies, Estrangements, Greed, Hoarding, Concentrations-of-Wealth- and-Powers, etc. 3. Within such communities many people fail to distinguish between Technical-Problems which require Technical-Solutions --- and Communal-Dilemmas which cannot be resolved in the ABSENCE OF: (a) Mitigations by people of-their-own Alienative-Conflicts which are Reflexive-Realities. (b) Reconciliations between Mutually-Alienated-People who have long-traditions of MUTUAL: suspicion, secrecy, distrust, annimosity, prejudices, biases, ignorance, etc. (c) Reflexive-Re-Ordering of views of Clusters-of-Mutually-Supportive Virtues/Ideals/Values, (d) Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about the Over-all Long-Term-Costs of Favorite-Vices to ALL members of the crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth with limited-supplies of pure-material-resources which are essential to the long-term-sustainability of their Exponentially-Growing-Demands for those limited-supplies of pure-material-resources that often will eventually be depleted in Exponentially-Decreasing-Rates-of-Consumption --- with NOW-UNIMAGINABLE changes in the POSSIBLE life-styles of members of the crew.