Our personal senses of personal: significance, meaning, satisfaction, security, well-being, health, integrity, etc. --- are all inter-related to the following kinds of relationships within which we are participants and/or victims: 1. Personal-Relationships with our family-members and our most-intimate friends-and-associates. 2. Reflexive-Relationships with our most-important-clusters of: ideals, values, principles, virtues, vices, goods, hopes, aspirations, role-models, paradigms, communities, aspirations, risks, fears, anxieties, etc. 3. Political, Religious, Work, Economic, Recreational, Entertainment, Educational, Military, Cultural, Scientific, Professional, and other kinds of organizations and coalitions. 4. Our spheres of: influence, ownership, intimacies, controls, bondings, communications, etc. 5. Our: anxieties, fears, uncertainties, doubts, vulnerabilities and collusive-games-of- mutual-self-deception. 6. Our Alienative-Conflicts and our Efforts to Control/Resolve/Mediate/Mitigate our own and/or Other-People's Alienative-Conflicts and Patterns-of-Consequent-Alienations. 7. Our Paradigms, Assumptions, Attitudes, Beliefs, Convictions, Prejudices, Biases, Diseases, Injuries, Approaches, Virtues, Vices, Ideals, Values, Perspectives, etc. - - - about which we know a-lot, some or very little.