Course Keys **** Our own abilities to cooperate with each other, and with people who are Victims-of and/or Complicit-in Alienative-Conflicts --- depends upon our own and upon all others' States-0f- Consciousness --- that entail in various ways the follow realities: 1. How aware of, sympathetic with and empathetic with each other --- each of us is. 2. The extent of commonality and/or diversity we-share-with-each-other in mutually-understood- ways --- regarding: a. Cultures, religions, educations, experiences, languages, vocabularies, concepts, etc. b. Ideals, values, principles, virtues, vices, paradigms, parables, metaphors, visions, dreams, hopes, etc. c. Skill-Sets in participating within Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, Parallel-Processes and REMEMBERING: events, people's faces, people's-names, people's-lives; conversations, relationships, abstractions, processes, rituals, formalities, adaptations, creativity, flexibility, intimacies, friendships and sexual-relationships. d. Violence, coercion, controls, management, administration, domination, repression, suppression, depression - - - and how most helpfully/graciously to respond to each. e. Competition, Hospitality, Generosity, Hoarding, and Concentrating-Wealth-and-Powers --- in working to enjoy together: each-other, our-relationships, security, mutual- vulnerability an/or Unilateral-Invulnerability.