Each of the following listed realities in our lives, is consistent with the intentions and the missions of LOVE; only to the extent that each of them --- helps to augment our integrations with other --- in their lives --- rather than alienate us from each other --- in our lives: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attitudes Approaches Assumptions Ideals Values Virtues Goals Intentions Plans Tools Technologies Means Dreams Desires Visions Perfection Purity Unity Cooperation Colaboration Mutuality Balance Flexibility Tolerance Openness Honesty Dialogues Generosity Hospitality Acceptance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each of the above realities in our lives fails to help fulfill the intentions and missions of LOVE; to the extent that each of them --- helps to augment our Alienative-Conflicts with others and our Alienations from others in their/our lives --- rather than reconcile us and others together in Shalom's Many-Integrative-Ways With-Each-Other. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The above failures to help fulfill the intention and missions of LOVE are often associated with demonstration and affirmations of the following Alienative-Realities --- which we need to mitigate --- to help fulfill the intentions and missions of LOVE in GOD: Arrogance Greed Wealth-Concentrations Self-Righteousness Hubris Unilateral-Actions Excommunications Exclusivity Judgementalism Polarizations Dichotomizations Attacks Denigrations Negativity Threats Prejudices Biases Ignorance Indifference Insensitivity Thoughtlessness Personal-Rejections Violence Domination Mobbing Hoarding Wasting Coveting Stealing Power-Concentrations Corruption Perfectionism Wealth-Concentrations Isolation Imprisonment Collusive Games of MSD Conspiracies Deceptions Dishonesty Pretentions Repressions Suppressions Rejections Suspensions Excommunications ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Failures in the above ways --- help Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters to get their way at the expense of all others who do not honor or respect the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies or Mobbing-Mobsters - - - most of the crew of our Astronomically-Tiny Isolated-Space-Ship-Earth.