Course Keys **** All religious scriptures, statements, doctrines, laws, songs, parables, metaphors and rituals --- affect people thorough how readers and hearers: interpret them, hear them, respond to them and bring their own experiences and previous understandings to their religious and spiritual encounters. So also it is with: Political, Philosophical, Scientific, Economic, Engineering, Military and Terrorist encounters. Human responses always include reflexive-personal-aspects of various kinds. They all play important roles in how people attempt to Integrate-the-Encounter into their Whole-Being. People's Encounters are not purely objective realities. Human encounters always include important Reflexive-Aspects which we ignore at our peril! This is even true of encounters with Objective-Realities - - - upon which we depend for our survival! We cannot mitigate our own Alienative-Conflicts related to People's Encounters --- while we are pretending that People's Reflexive Responses can be safely ignored! Sincere: ignorance, prejudices and biases are no protection to those who are complicit in demonstrating such responses. Neither can sincere people protect themselves against the tragic consequences of simplistic-complicity --- by trying to be more sincere --- while still trying to ignore essential aspects of human encounters with both objective and reflexive realities upon which they are interdependent for their survival in sustainable ways that are robust in our overall-changing-environments of all kinds, sizes and contexts. Beware of that which is absent, needed by you, yet you do not know it is absent! Wake-Up, Be-Aware, Beware and Think!