If we have internalized some of Domineering-Bullies': attitudes, assumptions, convictions, beliefs, goals, etc. --- we may be "called" to some of the following "missions" and/or "duties" and "responsibilities": 1. Preventing-or-blocking "evil" and/or "improper": actions, thoughts, desires, associations, intimacies, communications, publications, coalitions, organizations, etc. 2. Unilaterally: rescuing, saving and/or redeeming victims of past "evil" and/or "improper": actions, thoughts, desires, association, intimacies, communications, dreams, visions, etc. 3. Unilaterally: "purifying" people who have become "infected" with "evil" and/or "improper": thoughts, desires, hopes, expectations, pleasures, dreams and/or visions. Most of the above "callings" lead simplistic-idealists into tragically-alienative-conflicts that bear virtually no sweet-fruits for anybody; no matter how passionately such fruits may be coveted --- and no matter how great may be the sacrifices made in reaching for and/or grabbing onto the misleading fantasies which are rooted in ALIENATIVE: assumptions, attitudes, ideals, goals, expectations, and visions of WHO and/or WHAT can be inherently EVIL or GOOD; or can in some way "contain" EVIL or GOOD in some significant/meaningful sense. Many of the above efforts are very likely to involve violating peoples' constitutional rights, "Civil-Rights" and/or rights of people affirmed in the United Nations' statement of "Universal Rights".