Course keys **** People have often been trapped in prisons due to concerns centered upon identifications of other people as: "EVIL" and/or as "ENEMY" and so are NOT-TO-BE: TRUSTED, TOLERATED, INCLUDED, RESPECTED or KNOWN-INTIMATELY in any Open-and-Honest-Dialogues of any kind. Alienation is mandatory! All preoccupations with such "identifications" ACT-TO: Inhibit, Repress, Depress, Forget, Ignore, Confuse, Block, Denigrate and Prejudice: Open/Honest Communications Dialogues Sharing Hospitality Creativity Intimacies AND (A) Mitigations of People's Own Alienative-Conflicts, (B) Learning from Mistakes-Made, (C) Clarifications of different kinds of helpful: under-standings, knowledge, wisdom & prudence, (D) Clarifications of the Net-Long-Term advantages of: Tolerance, Cooperation, Colaboration. ================================================================================================ The Tragic-Fruits of Trying-to-Control ISOLATED: Evil-People, Evil-Enemies and Evil-Things - - - are the Alienative-Conflicts and Mutual-Alienations of People-from-each-other in Relationships- of-Alienation --- all of which must be Mitigated by the Participant-Victims for Health/Integrity to be restored --- and so that Participant-Victims can enjoy in Shalom's Many-Gracious-Ways: 1. Mitigations by Participant-Victims of their own Alienative Conflicts. 2. Personal-and-Communal Integrations-Processes and Present-Integrities. 3. Cooperation-and-Collaborations in getting their most-basic-humane-needs well-met. 4. Authentic-Real-Intimacies free of Alienative-Conflicts and Alienations. 5. Personal-and-Communal Basic-Health-Care for All. 6. Reconciliations-and-Hospitality to lay the foundations for all of the above.