Course keys **** True-Lovers strive together cooperatively to maintain Mutually-Desired-and-Appreciated levels- and-kinds-of-BALANCE --- as regards their Joint-Senses Regarding Levels-and-Kinds of: (1) Vulnerability, Risks, Security, Safety, Health-Care, Integrity, Authenticity; (2) Costs-and-Benefits in Communal-Care regarding the above realities; (3) Letting-Go-of-Alienative-Defense-Behaviors, (4) Letting-Go-of-Desires-and-Hopes-for INVULNERABILITY, (5) Letting-Go-of-Desires-and-Hopes-for DOMINANCE AND/OR CONTROL, (6) Creative/Integrative Cooperation/Colaboration, (7) Personal/Communal Integrations/Integrities, (8) Sustainable and Flexible-Endurance in a Changing-Environment, (9) Humane Limits, Limitations and Possible/Impossible Transcendence, (10) Modesty, Humility and Healthy-Self-Confidence; (11) Healthy Expectations, Appreciation, and Thanksgiving; (12) Predictability, Reliability and Creativity; (13) Tolerance and Inclusivity. True-Lovers are NOT focused in any Mutually-Exclusive-Ways upon any SUPERIOR WAYS/FORMS of: Technologies Concentrations Powers Wealth Controls Domination Coalitions Formalities Conformity Proprieties Rules Laws Regulations Hierarchies Rewards Punishments Honors Excommunications Exclusivity Shunnings Banishments Violence Coercion Regulations Prisons True-Lovers ARE focused upon helping others to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts and their own alienations which are rooted in Many-Echoes of Past-Alienative-Conflicts NOT-YET-MITIGATED.