Healthy-Human-Relationships are guided by Diverse-Peoples' Mutual-Respect for each other's True- Basic-Needs, Perspectives, Potentials, Talents, Aspirations, Heritages, Wants, Hopes, Limits, Limitations, Diseases, Injuries, Vulnerabilities, etc. - - - so as to help all people to augment their-own personal-and-communal integrities-and-integrative-processes. Domineering-Bullies & Mobbing-Mobsters undermine personal-&-communal integrities-&-integrative- processes - - - by being unaware-of, insensitive-to, non-sympathetic-to, and/or selfishly/greedily calculative about - - - each other's true-basic: needs, perspectives, potentials, talents, aspirations, heritages, hopes, wants,limits,limitations, diseases, injuries, vulnerabilities, etc. To Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts we need to attend graciously to the above contrasts and to help each other to Mitigate-Such-Contrasts in Shalom's Many-Gracious-Ways of Being-Together in our Common-Journey within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth --- in an ORBIT around God's Sun, which is an ORBIT we cannot change in any perceptible/measurable way!