There are virtually unlimited different kinds of relationships that people can become involved in as participants; characterized by various kinds and amounts of different-aspects which are: (1) Affirmed, (2) Demonstrated, (3) Private, (4) Public, (5) The subjects of Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, (6) The absent-foci of Collusive Games of Mutual Self Deception, (7) Persistently the Major-Foci-of-Exclusive-Attention for long periods of time, (8) Centered upon "Different" particular people in various combinations and permutations --- as regards: place, time, presence, absence, honors, money, wealth, domination, submission, etc. It is not possible for mortals to authentically affirm-and-demonstrate any-unlimited-number of relationships in-parallel and/or simultaneously during their finite-life-times of finite-presence. Mortals-and-their-relationships are finite-and-limited in their capabilities-and-extents. "MORE" of-the-same is often NOT "better". Some of a different reality/relationship may be better; an improvement following what-has-been present before now. Avoiding "change" and "differences" can be alienative and/or worse than "MORE". Integrations are often better than "MORE", or than "EXCLUSIVITY". Tolerance is often better than exclusivity. What is INCLUDED makes a difference; whether it is "the same" or "different". What is EXCLUDED makes a difference; whether it is "the same" or "different". Things and relationships will change; of that we can be sure. We cannot unilaterally prevent all change; of that we can be sure. Cooperatively and honestly we may be able to facilitate the kinds of change we all want.