Course Keys **** Within The-Records-of-Communities that have long played Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - there will be No-Objective-Records of Objective-Evidence that clearly relates to honest responses to questions which have long-been-taboo! In such cases, only Reflexive-Consider- ations can lead to finding any evidence relevant to TABOOS regarding and responding to the questions which have long been TABOO to consider, ask or honor with honest responses. That such may be the case - - - - makes it essential that reflexive-efforts-be-made to identify the TABOO- CONSIDERATIONS AND RESEARCH. That is a challenging task! Domineering-Bullies can concentrate wealth-and-power only within contexts wherein people are usually vulnerable --- because then there are few if any Communal-Sanctuaries-Available within which to enjoy Safe-Open-and-Honest Dialogues-and-Intimacies; i.e., enjoying Security-while-Being- Vulnerable in honestly describing the long-term-threats of: (a) Concentrating Wealth-and-Powers, (b) The absence of Distributive-Justice, (c) The absence of communal committments to insure that all neighbors have their It is for this reason that Domineering-Bullies work to Mitigate-the-Availability of all Communal- Sanctuaries which are Open-to-All who are willing to participate Graciously in Mutually-Helpful Open-and-Honest-Dialogues-and-Intimacies - - - which may reveal the presence of people trying to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - AT-EACH-OTHER'S-EXPENSE. These are reasons for Domineering-Bullies to spend much of their time Threatening-True-Lovers who are threatening Domineering-Bullies --- by being Openly-Honest about their experiences within Vulnerable-Intimate-Personal-Relationships-of-LOVE with their neighbors within God's-Own - - - Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth with finite Pure-Material-Resources being exhausted by Exponentially-Growing-Rates-of-Consumption --- Essentially-Isolated-from all Extra-Terrestrial- Concentrations of such Pure-Material-Resources --- and so facing Exponentially-Declining Rates- of-Consumption of each such Pure-Material-Resource; e.g., Natural-Gas, Oil, Coal, U-235, U-238, Water, Air, Soil, and scarce-elements which are essential in modern technologies. Within the above contexts - - - confusing Much-Entertainment with Honest-Reporting of Relevant- News - - - undermines all kinds of Integrities-and-Integration-Processes - - - so generating much confusion, ignorance and prejudice about the above threatening contexts for modern civility and our Global-Civilization. Entertainment-is-often-at-Heart Pleasing-to-Large-Crowds which are Guided-by-Domineering-Bullies and by Mobbing-Mobsters. If the True-Lovers within the Large-Crowds are not effective in helping most others to: (1) Recognize, (2) Acknowledge, (3) Describe, (4) Own, and (5) Mitigate their Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - Civility and The-Civilization COLLAPSE; (6) As has happened to countless COLLAPSED previous-civilizations around-the-world - - - - - - - What will probably-happen in the coming-decades to the Whole-Civilization of God's Astronomically- Tiny Space-Ship-Earth as-above-described? Why? What can the whole-crew do about that?