Course Keys **** People who seek to be Helpful by Working-Graciously With-Other-People who are involved in and/or victims of Alienative-Conflicts --- need to work intentionally-and-consistently to maintain (to the extent possible) The-TRUST of-those-people who are involved-in and/or are victims-of the Present-Alienative-Conflicts with their Historic-Evolutionary-Roots. So also it is for anyone seeking to clarify/articulate Integrated-Clusters-of: Virtues, Ideals, Values, Principles and related foci --- such as are often mentioned within these essays at the web site The Essential-TRUST cannot be earned and/or maintained --- while being perceived as being significantly involved in any of the following processes: 1. Labeling any identified particular person, persons or coalition of persons as being: a. Evil-Persons, b. Evil-Coalitions-of-Persons, c. Enemy-Persons, d. Enemy-Coalitions-of-Persons, e. Untrustworthy-Persons and/or Coalitions of Persons, f. Persons beyond the range of possible reconciliation, g. Persons beyond being worthy of "Listening-to-Them" or "Open-and-Honest-Dialogue with them." h. Worthy of Unilateral: Denigrations, Threats, Attacks, Excommunications and/or Destruction. 2. Supporting in Notable-Ways any Particular person or persons for Election to Public-Office and/or for Governmentally-Favored-Treatment in Concentrations-of-Wealth and/or Power --- beyond that which is enjoyed by most people in the Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth with important Pure-Resources which are being depleted in Exponential-Rates-of-Exhaustion; as described in discussions of "Peak-Oil", "Peak-Coal", "Peak-Natural-Gas" and "Peak-Uranium" --- in the Global-Energy-Crisis related to the Crisis-in-Climate-Change which is being augmented by Exponential-Growths in the rates of consumption of the above fossil sources of Stored- Concentrated-Energy. 3. Otherwise acting in ways which inevitably lead to the Augmentation of Alienative-Conflicts, Violence, Terrors, Fears, Anxieties, etc. --- in ways which others cannot avoid and/or mitigate on their own. 4. Indicating which people and/or coalitions of people "should-win" and/or which people and/or coalitions of people "should-lose" --- in any competitive effort relating to concentrations of: wealth, power, energy and/or influence. 5. Indicating what "should" be the particular "power-concentration" and/or "power-distribution" OUTCOMES of transitions from-traditional-ways-of-behaving --- to more: integrative, creative, just, and healthy ways-of-behaving-and-evaluating patterns of meeting-the-basic-needs of all- members-of-the-crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth --- with its finite/limited material-pure-resources that are Essentially-Isolated from all comparable extra-terrestrial material-pure-resources that can ever be accessible to the Crew of Space-Ship-Earth. 6. Indicating how particular people should be Rank-Ordered, Rewarded, Punished, and/or Destroyed. 7. Playing significant roles within: Police, Judicial, Legislative, Administrative, Political, Religious, Economic, Scientific, Engineering and other realms of leadership, exercising control over power, resources and the setting of priorities. To maintain the high levels of TRUST needed in helping others to Mitigate-Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts --- Would-Be-Facilitators-of-Alienative-Conflicts - - - will need to resist invitations to play central roles in the above kinds of Compromising-Activities. It is exceedingly difficult to be outstandingly wealthy and/or powerful --- and to be trusted by the full spectrum of different kinds of people in the Whole-Crew of God's Space-Ship-Earth!