There are below two lists of descriptions of correlated-honorable-realities. Working cooperatively together to augment/facilitate the realities described in the first list - - - leads to the communal enjoyment of augmentations of the benefits of the realities described in the second list; and vice-versa. It is risky to view the realities described below - - - as realities which we-can-control for our own isolated-benefit. Viewing them in that way will destroy them and us! To a limited extend, we may helpfully view the realities described in the first list - - - as means to the Communal-and-Personal enjoyment of those described in the second list; in that it may be helpful to focus more on the first list as pointing to means, than to focus upon the second list as pointing to goals we want to achieve, enjoy, posses and/or control. Still, it is risky to view the first list as Technocrats'-Technologies are viewed, and the second list as describing goals-to-be-achieved-and-enjoyed in controlled-ways. Viewing the lists in such a way will be likely to Generate-and-Augment: Alienative-Conflicts, Violence, Resentments, Polarizations, Dichotomies and Destructions of Patterns-of: Reconciliation, Integration-Patterns and of Integrities fully Present to us all. The FIRST-LIST FOLLOWS JUST BELOW: 1. Reconciliation and Gracious-Diplomacy leading to NEW Cooperation and Collaborations in fulfilling more of the most basic needs of formerly alienated neighbors. 2. Open-and-Honest-Dialogue among Different-People with Different-Perspectives who were alienated. 3. Integrations of Different-Perspective-and-Points-of-View among neighbors within God's Astronomically Tiny Space-Ship-Earth which is virtually-isolated from extra-terrestrial pure-material resources. 4. Mitigations of Alienative-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- in order to defeat others on the same-team, as well as others on other-teams! 5. Mitigations of Alienative-Conflicts-and-Violence --- wherever they are found. 6. Integrations of Virtues and Ideals to form Mutually-Supportive-Clusters-of-Virtues-and-Ideals in the Many-Gracious-Balanced-Ways-of-Shalom. 7. Integrations of Different-People into Mutually-Supportive Clusters-of-People Working- Together-in Many-Mutually-Complementary ways to truly meet all of their most-basic-humane- needs. 8. Building-and-Maintaining Sanctuary-Communities in the Many-Balanced-Ways-of-Shalom. 9. Avoiding and Letting-Go of Preoccupations with Labeling-People who are "known" to be: Superior, Inferior, Good, Evil, Enemies, Traitors, etc. The SECOND-LIST FOLLOWS JUST BELOW: 1. Reducing the Over-ALL NET Long-Term-Costs-of-Alienative-Conflicts, Alienations, Violence, Coercion, etc. to the WHOLE-CREW of God's-Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth. 2. Augmenting the Overall-Net-Long-Term-Benefits to all members of the whole crew of God's- Astro-nomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth --- which is essentially isolated from Extra-Terrestrial Pure-Material-Resources that are finite-but-essential to traditional human life-styles that make Exponentially-Growing-Demands upon Exponentially-Decreasing residual-supplies within Space-Ship-Earth. 3. Augmenting the Overall-Net-Benefits to All-the-Crew of Increased-Information, Learning-from- Past-Mistakes-Made, and Adjusting-to-Changing-Environments of ALL-Kinds. 4. Augmenting the Overall-Net-Long-Term-Benefits to All-of-the-Crew --- of Affirming and Demonstrating Distributive-Justice For-All-of-the-Crew.