There are people who experience: anxieties, fears, distress, disturbances, alienation, etc. --- in the absence of any confirmable-real-objective-threat to their personal: safety and/or security, to their own personal-and-communal integrities and/or processes of integration. [Even though such threats may actually be present in hidden ways!] Such fearful-people may be viewed by many other people as "mentally-ill" by people who are alienated from the anxious, fearful, distressed and disturbed people --- for there have been few- if-any occasions of Open-and-Honest-Dialogue between the "different-people" within any True-Communal-Sanctuary; wherein it is safe to be in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues with "different- people". There are some events, processes, interactions, inter-relationships --- which are not related to each other; i.e., not objectively correlated to each other --- except perhaps within the sensitive perceptions of very sensitive-people who are viewed as being "mentally-ill", "crazy" --- BECAUSE they CLEARLY perceive the REAL PRESENT-THREATS to their own: (1) Personal-and-Communal HEALTHY: hopes, integrities, integration-processes, desires, ambitions, expectations, souls, plans, perceptions, understandings, visions, world-views, religious-beliefs, habits, traditions, callings, missions, vocations, etc. (2) LETTING-GO of: Trying-to-WIN TRAGIC Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, etc. (3) LETTING-GO of: Greed, Hoarding, Always-Wanting-MORE, Envy, Domination, Mobbing, etc. (4) LETTING-GO of: Arrogance, Self-Righteousness, Self-Confidence, Coalitions, Excommunications, Alienative-Conflicts, Alienations, Alienative-Pride, Isolation, Independence, Alienative-Privileges, Alienative-Hubris, etc. It is exceedingly difficult to help people who are trapped in the above Prisons-of-Alienation where they are unaware of THE FOLLOWING complexly inter-related MIRACULOUS-POSSIBILITIES --- which seem to them as UTTERLY-IMPOSSIBLE from within their hopeless World-View and Point- of-View: (A) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Conflicts, (B) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Violence, (C) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Dominations, (D) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Bullies, (E) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Mobsters, (F) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Collusive-Games of Mutual-Self-Deception. (G) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Arrogance and Self-Righteousness, (H) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Greed and Hoarding, (I) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Concentrations-of-Wealth and Luxuries, (J) People Mitigating their-own Alienative Concentrations-of-Powers and Influence, (K) Fears of Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, (L) Fears of Attentive-and-Honest Quiet-Listening, (M) Fears of Most-form-of-True-and-Healthy-Intimacy, (N) Fears of Healthy-Open-and-Honest Sexual-Relationships, (O) Fears of Sensitivity-and-Affection, (P) Fears of Empathy-and-Sympathy, (Q) Fears of Generosity and Distributive-Justice-FOR-ALL, (R) Fears of Reconciliations and Diplomacy, (S) Fears of True Counseling by Authentic-Healthy-Gracious-Professionals. (T) Fears of Healthy-Mutually-Balanced Patterns-of-Gracious-Vulnerability, (U) Fears of Healthy-Patterns of Cooperation/Colaboration in meeting all people's BASIC-NEEDS.