Course Keys **** It is not possible to maintain --- using only a very few virtues --- both communal-and-personal patterns-of-integrities and integrations-processes with-authenticity; because there are many- ways and many-vices through which Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters seek to advance their many greedy-alienative-causes of: (1) Concentrating Powers-and-Wealth, (2) Achieving Perfect-Invulnerability, (3) Achieving-Perfect-Superiority, (4) Being-Covetous and In-Control, (5) Fulfilling Unilateral-Missions, (6) Being Righteously-Domineering-and-Dominant, (7) Being Properly-Authoritative-Authorities, (8) Being Safely-Defensive of their Rights, (9) Being Honorable Righteous-People, (10) Demonstrating Outstanding-Excellence, (11) Improving the Community, (12) Correcting People who are Making-Mistakes. The above many-ways of Advancing-Greedy-Causes can be mitigated only by mitigating many Alienative-Conflicts which entail in many-tragic-ways: INDIFFERENCE to: (1) Our needs for Distributive-Justice for all people, (2) Our needs for BALANCED: Open-and-Honest-Dialogues/Intimacies, (3) Our needs for MUTUAL: Empathy, Sympathy and Sensitivity, (4) Our needs for THOUGHTFUL: Reflexive-Systems-Analyses, (5) ALIENATIVE Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, (6) ALIENATIVE Dishonesty, Pretentiousness, Arrogance, Hubris; (7) ALIENATIVE Estrangement, Polarizations, Dichotomizations; (8) ALIENATIVE Domination, Addictions and Codependent-Supporters; (9) ALIENATIVE "Security" through Mutually-Assured-Nuclear-War's-Destruction; (10) ALIENATIVE Perfectionistic Technocracies and Technocrats. Each Alienative-Vice needs to be Graciously-Mitigated by Affirmations-and- Demonstrations of many Reconciling-and-Healing-Virtues such as: (1) Honesty-and-Authenticity, (2) Balanced-Distributive-Justice, (3) Balanced-Mutually-Supportive-Relationships, (4) Balanced-Cooperation-and-Collaborations, (5) Letting-Go of Pretentious-Excesses, (6) Letting-Go of desires for Invulnerability, (7) Generosity-and-Hospitality, (8) Preventive-Communal-Health-Care-for-ALL, (9) Preventive-Personal-Health-Care-for-ALL, (10) Personal-and-Communal Integration-Processes, (11) Personal-and-Communal Present-Integrities, (12) Distinguishing between Dilemmas and Technical-Problems. Regular Affirmations-and-Demonstrations of Clusters-of-Mutually-Supportive-Virtues --- are essential to maintaining both Personal-and-Communal patterns of Integrations-and-Integrities within Essential-Sanctuaries-of-Shalom. No few isolated-virtues can be an adequate basis for mitigating any army of Mutually-Supportive-Vices! In Newtonian-Gravity and in Human-Nature; falling down without support is more common than rising-up-without-support! To Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts we must support people who seek to Let-Go of Mutually- Supportive-Vices that undermine both Personal-and-Communal Integrations-and-Integrities. To do that requires often affirming and demonstrating Many-Relevant and Mutually-Supportive-Virtues in the many Balanced-Ways of Shalom. Domineering-Bullies specialize in indirect-intimidations, threats, innuendoes, hints, etc. --- as means to Domination --- to "mitigate" their own vulnerability to exposures of how they have engaged in Alienative-Conflicts-and-Vices. We need to ask in informed and thoughtful ways How-Few and What-Few True-Mutually- Supportive-Virtues can together be the Adequate-Well-Integrated-Basis for mitigating the above kinds of behaviors --- without falling into some Tragically- Simplistic-Ideology with its Own-Characteristic Tragic-Outcomes and Forms-of-Alienation? We need to Engage in Objective-AND-Reflexive Systems-Analyses to learn about, recognize, describe and be able to Foresee and-Avoid the Reliably-Predictable outcomes of the above Dis-Integrative and Tragic-Processes --- through cooperating in intentional, disciplined and well trained Communal-Mitigations of Our-Own Disintegrative-Conflicts.