These essays at have been written in the spirit of seeking to help other people to
Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts --- from the start in 1973; even though there was no
overtly-articulated-effort to do that from the start in 1973.

When seeking to help other people to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts --- one needs to be
careful not to do or say things which can reasonably be seen as indications that we favor the 
positions taken by any-known-persons and/or coalitions-of-persons.  Clear indications by us of
whom we favor in any conflict --- can undermine our ability to help others to Mitigate their own
Alienative-Conflicts.  We will likely be seen as prone to be biased in thinking about any known

In essays like these here, terms like "Domineering-Bullies", "Mobbing-Mobsters", "Alienated-People"
"Power-Concentrators" and "Wealth-Concentrators" are not clear indications of what specific people
writers favor, because is the reader who is left to interpret the descriptive-terms --- as regards
who properly fits the description within any given context.

Some people may Feel-and-Believe that they know-for-sure why each person wrote and/or said what 
the did in each text; what their motivations were, and what the "intended-implications" were.  
Such Feelings-and-Beliefs are likely to be misguided-and-alienative in nature.

There is no way we can with integrity change-or-control such person's Feelings-and-Beliefs; no 
matter how tragically misguided they may be in their Feelings-and-Beliefs.  We fall into tragic
Alienative-Traps if we try to unilaterally change-or-control such persons' Feelings-and-Beliefs!
It will be more helpful for us to invite them to listen to our suggestions about how they may be
able to work cooperatively with those from whom they are alienated --- to work together to truly
Mitigate the Alienative-Conflicts in which they are together as Participating-Victims of their
shared Alienative-Conflicts.  They may learn how to cooperate in increasing how well they can
get their authentic most basic humane needs well-met-through-cooperation-and-collaborations.