Different persons, families, groups, organizations, for-profit-businesses, banks, and Religions
--- approach their own Alienative-Conflicts with different;

Attitudes          Assumptions           Perspectives       Points-of-View

Aspirations        Hopes                 Expectations       Agendas

Convictions        Beliefs               Demands            Paradigms

Strategies         Tactics               Values             Ideals

Virtues            Vices                 Anxieties          Fears              etc.

Sometimes our Individual-Approaches to our Alienative-Conflicts are INCOHERENT/Non-AUTHENTIC
because there are Internalized-Alienative-Conflicts within each of us --- which we have not
Mitigated-Within-Our Own-Internally Alienated-Individual-Selves!  

We may have internalized/embodied within our OWN-INDIVIDUAL-ISOLATED: Souls-Selves-Egos - - - -
the ABOVE kinds of realities; that are In-Conflict-With-Each-Other!  IF we are internally in EGO-
CENTRIC-CONFLICTS among the above listed kinds of realities IN-RESIDENCE-WITHIN-US as individuals,
we are in no position to participate in any healthy/helpful way in helping to Mitigate-OUR-OWN-
Conflicts with-other-persons,   who have within their OWN-INDIVIDUAL-ISOLATED:  Souls-Selves-Egos 
- - - - the above kinds-of-realities; that are In-Conflict-With-Each-Other --- but in Different-
Ways - - - about which we may know NOTHING!

Such IGNORANCE and/or INSENSITIVITY about each other's EGO-CENTRIC-CONFLICTS - - - among the above 
listed  kinds of realities IN-RESIDENCE-WITHIN-US as individuals - - - are bound to undermine our 
efforts to help each other to Mitigate-our-own-Alienative-Conflicts --- wherever OUR-CONFLICTS may 

We may in self-defense, resort to-protecting-our EGOCENTRIC-SELVES by copying the Life-Styles of 
our own Domineering-Bullies and our own Mobbing-Mobsters who seem to us to be very successful in 
protecting their own Concentrated-Piles-of-Excessive: Wealth, Powers, and Alienative-Means-of-
Influence.  Then we are trapped in Trying-to-WIN TRAGIC Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception
--- which nobody can win in any significant/meaningful sense!