Participants in relationships (and observers of such relationships) have differing tendencies to

 1. Quickly-or-Slowly; 
 2. Toward-or-Away-From;
 3. Dichotomous-or-Integrative;
 4. Prejudices/Biases-or-Interpretations-of-evidence;
 5. Patterns-of-Judgements-and/or-Unilateral-Actions.

In the above,  Tendencies-and-Paces greatly influence the probabilities of:

Augmentations-Of and/or Mitigations-Of 

Alienative-Conflicts and/or Healthy-Conflicts,

The above tendencies and their paces need to be considered and their interactions understood and

responded to --- in gracious ways ---- to help people to Mitigate-their-own-Alienative-Conflicts;

to Mitigate-their-own-Disintegrative-Consequences; associated with their-own-Alienative-Conflicts.

It is dangerous for us to be Compulsively-Preoccupied with any-very-few and/or  isolated possible

foci -- for Integrative-Considerations of our interactions/relationships --- in the absence of any

Truly-Deliberative-and-Reflexive Systems-Analyses; of our own Alienative-Conflicts and/or of other

Peoples'-Alienative-Conflicts --- into which we may foolishly and tragically intrude in tragically-

Unilateral-Ways - - - - - for our own Alienated-Reasons.