The Mitigation-of-our-own-Alienative-Conflicts always entails dealing with our dilemmas within
our own Reflexive-Human-Relationships.  Thus, such helpful mitigations cannot be accomplished 
through exclusively:

 1. Focusing on Objective-Technical-Problems and Technical-Responses-to-Solve-Technical-Problems.
 2. Unilateral-Iniatives of Experts and/or Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters.
 3. Superior-People deciding what must be done by them or at their command.
 4. Correct-Patterns-of-conformity in response to Powerful-Wealthy-Authorities.
 5. Powerful/Wealthy Superior-People Rescuing Weaker/Poorer people who have little or no power.
 6. Military-Considerations in support of Alienative-Economic-Systems.
 7. Through the Initiatives-of-Economists who are Insensitive to Alienated-Humans-in-Need.
 8. Simplistic-Ideialistic-Fools who are unaware of the roots of their Alienativve-Tragedies.
 9. Contentious-Contetsts among Incoherent-Disintegrative-Ideologies and their Tragic-Servants.
10. Select  ISOLATED/ALIENATED  Superior-Ideas-Ideals-Values-and-Virtues of Domineering-Bullies.

The Sustainable-Long-Term-Mitigation of Alienative-Conflicts  always entails dealing Openly-and-
Honestly with what is initially  TRAGICALLY-ABSENT  from the lives of the people who are victims-
of and/or Complicit-Participants in --- the Alienative-Conflicts:

 1. Balanced-and-Gracious Mutual-Trust-and-Respect.
 2. Mutually-Satisfactory-and-Agreeable Cooperation-and-Coloaboration in getting human needs met.
 3. Authentic: Sensitivity, Empaty and Sympathy among the people in the Whole-Neighborhood.
 4. Systemic-Distributive-Justice in Graciously-and-Equitably Sharing-Availble-Goods/Resources.
 5. Hospitality and Universal-Basic-Health-Care for all people in the Whole-Neighborhood.
 6. Reflexive-Systems-Analyses of all Hidden-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception.
 7. Reflexive-Systems-Analyses of Alienative-Concentrations of Excessive Wealth/Powers/Influence.