To focus helpfully upon the quality of our personal relationships --- we need to be truly engaged
in Open-and-Honest-Dialogue in LOVE about each of the following realities:

 1. Our fears, anxieties, basic humane-needs, humane-desires, humane-hopes and humane-pleasures.
 2. Our behaviors which we do not understand and cannot explain in any clear way.
 3. What realities we cannot control, and why we cannot control those realities.
 4. What visions/hopes/dreams are impossible to fulfill, and why they cannot be fulfilled. 
 5. Our Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception; which none of us can WIN with integrity.
 6. Our addictions and patterns of false-co-dependence and/or our-true-interdependence.
 7. Whom we most admire, and whom we most dis-trust, fear and/or are anxious in regards to them.

If we are NOT engaged in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about the above mixture-of-realities; we are
probably compulsively preoccupied with Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters, Evil-People, Enemies
and their Alienative-Life-Styles --- which we cannot with integrity hope to control.

The Mitigation of our own Alienative-Conflicts will include, involve, entail and depend upon:

 1. Reconciliations of formerly excluded/shunned/excommunicated people.
 2. Integrations which involve formerly dominated people and their related victims.
 3. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues with formerly segregated people, enemies, and those labeled "evil".
 4. Healing the tragic wounds of former patterns of violence, coercion, domination and controls.
 5. Essential Humane-Basic-Health-Care for all victims of Alienation-through-Unjust-Domination.
 6. Reconciliation with victims of Distributive-Injustice due to Systemic-Unjust-Domination.
 7. Restoration into community of victims of Distributive-Injustice due to Unjust-Domination.
 8. The Transcendence of patterns of Alienative-Rank-Orderings of Mortals from top to bottom.
 9. The Transcendence of patterns of Inhumane-Punishments imposed by Domineering-People on many.
10. The Transcendence of patterns of Unjust-Rewards granted by Domineering-People to many others.
11. The Transcendence of Alienative-Technocratic-Domination --- "For the Common-Good".
12. The Transcendence of Alienative-Concentrations of Wealth/Powers/Influence For the Common Good.
13. The Transcendence of Alienative-Violent-Conflicts and Victories --- "For the Common Good".
14. The Letting-GO of Alienative: Desires, Goals, Hopes, Visions, Dreams, Ideals, Values, etc.
15. The Transcendence of Exclusivity, Shunnings, Excommunications, Banishments, etc.
17. The Transcendence of Compulsive-Preoccupations with Winning and/or Losing in Defeat For-ALL.
18. The Transcendence of Compulsive-Preoccupations with Domination and/or Subjugation/Surrender.
19. The Transcendence of Compulsive-Preoccupations with Rank-Orderings of Humans in Caste-Systems.
20. The Transcendence of Compulsive-Fears of what Truly-Humane-True-Lovers might do on their own!