The Mitigation-of-Alienative-Conflicts involves graciously focusing upon RELATIONSHIPS between
and among people.  It is inherently impossible to Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts in integrative
ways --- by Trying-to-CONTROL-People's:

Thoughts        Attitudes       Assumptions    Desires           Hopes         Expectations

Ideas           Ideals          Values         Priorities        Concerns      Anxieties

Fears           Emotions        Pleasures      Communications    Perspectives  Points-of-View

Intentions      Expectations    etc.

The above kinds of efforts will in the Long-Term have Net-Alienative-Consequences!

NO: person, coalition, organization, state, nation, ideology, religion, profession, political-
party, government, institution, paradigm or System-of-Discipline; can Mitigate-Alienative-
Conflicts by IMPOSING upon any person or group of persons Any-Change-In-The above kinds of 
realities within their lives.

The net-long-term Mitigation-of-Alienative-Conflicts occurs almost only through people becoming
willing to accept each other into truly-open-and-honest-dialogue --- just as they are; without-
conformal-preconditions-to-dialogue being unilaterally-imposed by anybody or any group --- upon
any other person, persons, group or groups.

So long as people hold-and-cling-onto Conformal-Preconditions-for-acceptability-into-Dialogue ---
they cannot be participants in helpful mitigations-of-their-own Alienative-Conflicts. They trap
themselves within Alienative-Conflicts and disintegrate within their Alienative-Relationships, 
not knowing what they are doing to themselves and to those who are victims of their Alienative-
Conflicts and Alienative-Relationships.

So-long as we cling to and honor leaders who focus upon how well individuals-as-individuals 
conform to "proper-expectations and preconditions for participation in open and honest dialogue";
so-long we trap ourselves within our Alienative-Conflicts and disintegrate within our Alienative-
Relationships --- because we cannot focus upon Healing-Our-Relationships and upon Mitigating-Our-
Alienative-Conflicts --- through Open-and-Honest-Dialogue with others Just-as-they-Are.