It will be helpful for True-Lovers interested in the Long-Term-Net-Mitigation-of-Alienative-
Conflicts --- to make available to all interested people --- what those who have managed-great-
concentrations-of-wealth-power-and-influence --- have done, and have NOT done; in their own
management of those great-concentrations-of-wealth-power-and-influence; for example in regards 
to Net-Long-Term-Mitigations of:

 1. Addictions to Alcohol and other drugs,
 2. Addictions to Tobacco and other drugs,
 3. Addictions to Alienative-Sexual-Activities,
 4. Discriminations based upon RACE,
 5. Discriminations based upon Being-Female,
 6. Discriminations based upon Sexual-Dispositions,
 7. Discriminations based upon Sexual-Identify-and-Gender-Orientations,
 8. Discriminations based upon Birth-Status and Cultural-Heritages,
 9. Suppressions of Honest-Scientific-Descriptions of Objects and Objective-Relationships.
10. Suppressions of Ongoing-Scientific-Research seeking to provide accurate-honest-descriptions.
11. Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception related to:
    a. Global-Climate-Changes related to Global-Warming and Human-Activities,
    b. Rising Ocean-Levels due to Global-Warming and Human-Activities,
    c. Unsustainable-Exponential-Growth in Human Activities and Depletions of Natural-Resources.
    d. Approaching: Peak-Oil, Peak-Natural-Gas, Peak-Coal and Peak-U-235 Consumption-Rates.
    e. Alienative Concentrations of Wealth, Power, Energy, Weapons, Arrogance, Self-Righteousness.
    f. Addictions to presumed technological fixes to "Solve-Reflexive-Dilemmas".
    g. Presuming to be able to transcend Accurate-Descriptive-Laws-of-Physics.
    h. Presuming to be able to transcend Confirmed-Accurate-Integrative-Theories-of-Physics.
12. Alienative-Theological-Teachings and Religious-Concentrations-of-Wealth-Influence-and-Powers.