What are some significant symptoms of human ILLNESSES, DISEASES AND SICKNESSES?  

It can be helpful to regard the following as significant symptoms of the above debilitations:

Mobbing           Domination         Arrogance      Self-Righteousness     Wealth-Concentrations

Greed             Alienations        Polarizations  Dichotomizations       Power-Concentrations

Contentiousness   Negativity         Cynicism       Depressions            Suppressions

Repressions       Violence           Addictions     Codependency           Extreme-Independence

Contentiousness   Polarizations      Addictions     Fixing-Dilemmas        Codependent-Supporters

The Mitigation-of-Alienative-Conflicts is thus somewhat like the work of Physicians and Doctors 
who engage in the Diagnosis-of-Diseases and Illnesses --- that are rooted within the Alienative-
Relationships-and-Interactions between humans and many: bacteria, viruses, moulds, prions, other-
micro-organisms and new-chemical-compounds made by humans and dispersed widely as pollutants of
the natural ecosystems within the: AIR, WATER, SOILS, RIVERS, LAKES, SEAS and OCEANS of God's

What are the AGENTS of the human illnesses-and-diseases whose SYMPTOMS are listed in the previous

The effective diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from our Reflexive-Human-Illnesses-and-Diseases
depend upon the clear and coherent recognitions of the AGENTS our REFLEXIVE: ILLNESSES, DISEASES,
and SICKNESSES --- such as INCOHERENT and ALIENATIVE: Ideas, Ideals, Ideologies, Paradigms, Values, 
Virtues, Professions, Doctrines, Goals, Plans, Rituals, Traditions, Technologies, Techniques, etc.
--- which are in Alienative-Conflicts with each other; and within us as persons and as communities
that are in Alienative-Conflicts with each other.

We cannot fully recognize the symptoms of our REFLEXIVE: sicknesses, illnesses, diseases, and
Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- without keeping intentionally in mind the symptoms
and signs of both Personal-and-Communal HEALTHY: Integrities, Integration-Processes, Authenticity, 
Love, Coherence, Cooperation, Collaborations, Mutuality, etc. --- as we learn how to Let-Go of our 
own Compulsive-Preoccupations with Trying-To-Be-In-Control of (or Destroy) all that we have our-
selves arrogantly LABELED as: Evil, Enemy, Traitorous, Rebellious, Non-Conformal, Dammed, Original-
Sin, Inherently-Non-Reconcilable, etc.  We need to learn how to honor and favor: Reconciliations, 
Trust, Healing, Generosity, Hospitality, Hospitals, Sanctuaries and Basic-Health-Care-for-All as 
Basic-Human-Rights which are the Essential-Foundations of all true Civility and Civilizations.

We cannot engage in Healthy-Open-and-Honest Dialogue with people whom we have labeled as: Evil-
Enemies and whom we are trying to Unilateral-Control/Destroy as Inferior to US-as-Superior-Beings.

We cannot be healthy persons and communities while we continue to honor and trust Domineering-
Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters --- to serve as our leaders.

Nations and Terrorist-Groups of Mobbing-Mobsters and Domineering-Bullies that train our children 
and young people to "support" their Alienative and/or Incoherent: Ideals, Ideologies, Ideas, 
Paradigms, Values, Virtues, Vices, Professions, Doctrines, Liturgies, Goals, Plans, etc. --- in 
Technocratic, Coercive,Violent, Dishonest and Secretive ways --- THEREBY-UNDERMINE the Personal 
and-Communal Needed-Integrities-and-Integrative-Processes of the Children-and-Young-People who are 
trained to serve in the Alienative-Ways which are Honored-Without-Honesty about the ALIENATIONS of 
the Children-and-Young-People,  their families and the victims of their: technocratic,  coercive,
violent and secretive behaviors.

In support of such Dishonest-Honors --- Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception are played for-
many-generations --- in support of the traditional MYTHS-of-REDEMPTIVE: Violence, Coercion, 
Domination, Destruction, Shunnings, Excommunications, Suppressions, Repressions and Depressions.  
What proof is there that any of those MYTHS have in them any grounds for: Truth, Integrity or Hope?  
In what is such proof itself grounded and founded?  By whose guidance?