When trust, respect and mutuality are destroyed in our human relationships --- it does no good
to then focus upon disagreements regarding: blame, shame, guilt, punishments, rights, revenge, 
etc.  The consequent Alienative-Conflicts cannot be mitigated, eliminated or transcended by 
people still stuck in the patterns of thoughts, attitudes, assumptions and approaches which 
played roles in destroying the previous levels of trust, respect and mutuality.

The Mitigations-of-Alienative-Conflicts which are present following the destruction of trust,
respect and mutuality --- can progress only upon the basis of people adopting committments to
increased levels of committments to augmentations of: sensitivity, sympathy, empathy, openness,
honest, dialogue, cooperation and learning from our own and each other's: mistakes, choices,
blunders, ignorance, thoughtlessness, greed, domination, mobbing, arrogance, self-righteousness,
etc. --- on the part of "Self and Other" as described by R. D. Laing in his book of that title.