Perfect mortal beings will not exist so long as there are differences between mortals --- because
mortals excel at creating standards by which to distinguish between mortals who are:
 1. Good and/or Evil,
 2. Friends and/or Enemies,
 3. Proper and/or Improper,
 4. Tolerable and/or Intolerable,
 5. Loyal and/or Traitors,
 6. Obedient and/or Disobedient,
 7. Conformed and/or Rebellious,
 8. Perfect and/or Imperfect,
 9. Perfectible and/or Dammed,
10. Hopeful and/or Hopeless.

So long as there are any mortals who have a perfect set of: standards, ideals, values, virtues; 
most other mortals will be viewed as clearly imperfect by those of us who have created our own
perfect set of standards with which to pass alienating judgments upon each other.

Each of use makes choices each day regarding: (1) What assumptions to make and keep, (2) Attitudes
to honor (3) How to approach each other mortal, (4) What clusters of virtues to affirm-and-
demonstrate, (5) What Clusters-of-Vices to Tolerate and/or Ignore, (6) What Collusive Games of
Mutual-Self-Deception to Accept, Tolerate, Ignore or TRY-TO-WIN.

Our Integrities and Integration  processes as Communities and Individuals --- depend upon what we
learn from the alienations that flow from our own and each other's choices --- in ways which we 
who are involved cannot anticipate fully nor control fully --- no matter how hard we may try to
fully control the outcomes of our uninformed, thoughtless and insensitive choices.

Regrettably many people insist on repeatably trying out many alienative mistakes, bad choices and 
alienative-conflicts --- which have been tested over and over; and described over and over in
places that can be found by many of us who look for such reliable descriptions of Alienative-Acts.

Only those of us who are well-informed, thoughtful, sensitive, sympathetic, empathetic and are
clearly committed in intentional ways to Mitigating-OUR-OWN-Alienative-Conflicts --- contribute
in Net-Long-Term-Ways to Net-Increases in the Integration-Processes-and-Integrities of the whole
crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth.