When two or more people have behaved in ways that have led them to not trust each other well
enought --- to cooperate and be engaged in open-and-honest-dialogue as needed --- then other
persons cannot unilaterally rescue or fix their relationships for them --- by virtue of any form
of superior: power, wisdom, prudence, wealth, influence --- in the absence of enough cooperation 
and honest dialogue between and/or among the Alienated-Persons.  "Outsiders" cannot unilaterally
reconcile Alienated-People nor Mitigate-For-Them their Alienative-Conflicts and Patterns-of-

In the above Tragic-Situation the best that can be done is for "Outsiders" to offer some guidance
in the direction of the Alienated-People moving in the direction of Mitigating-their-own-
Alienative-Conflicts and Patterns-of-Tragic-Alienation.

Relationships-of-Alienation cannot be healed by appeals to: SUPERIOR: Rights, Responsibilities, 
Duties, Needs, Wants, Desires, Hopes, Expectations,Demands, Privilages, Traditions, Coalitions, 
Powers, Laws, Judgements, Punishments, etc.

Alienated-People Need-Help in moving-toward the recognition that there is little to be gained in
Alienated-Relationships, Alienative-Conflicts, or in Repeating-the-Beahviors which generated the
Alienative-Conflicts and the resulting Alienated-Relationships.  Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-
Mobsters have a very hard time learning such lessons, because they are most competent in Breaking
Things-and-Reflexive-Relationships, not in mending Broken-Things and in Healing-Their-Reflexive-

Broken-Relationships-of-Trust cannot be Mended-or-Healed by any determination of any: Shame, Blame,
Guilt, Winner(s) and/or Loser(s) by anybody.