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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== Click on WELCOME for a quick tour of ========================================================== %SUGGESTIONS QUESTIONS SET STAGE RESOLVING CONFLICT 080626 %QUALIFIED HELPERS INTRUDERS UNILATERAL ACTORS GOOD 080626 The following Suggested-Question may be used to set the stage for helpful work in truly MITIGATING-Conflicts within particular settings, places, environments and/or times: 1. Can exclusively objective people prove to each other beyond the shadow of a doubt --- that there is in fact a conflict present? If not, why not? --- None is objectively present? Conflict is not an objective reality? Conflict is in the eyes of the beholders? Other? 2. Can broadly-competent reflexive-systems-analysts point-to-reflexive-evidence that convinces most of them that-there-is-a-conflict-present? What of disagreements between the above conclusions in "1" & those here in "2" above? 3. Are the people who are currently involved in a conflict as: participants, victims, beneficiaries, analysts, etc. - - - a. Well informed about the history of the conflict? b. Aware of how long the conflict has endured? c. Relatively unaware of the conflict's history? d. Playing collusive games of mutual self deception about the history of the conflict and participants? e. Maintaining the conflict for selfish reasons? f. Unable to integrate objective and reflexive consid- erations of the conflict --- to help MITIGATE the conflict. g. Unaware of, confused about, indifferent to, ignoring, concealing, or otherwise avoiding evidence about the Actual-Motivations and Actual- Perspectives of those people involved in the conflict in various ways --- In- Comparison-To their statements regarding their commitments, intentions, principles, desires, hopes, visions, and dreams --- that pertain in some ways to the conflict? What level of integrity present is present? h. Supporting or honoring myths regarding REDEMPTIVE: Violence, Coercion, Arrogance, Self-Righteousness; Domination, Controls, Threats, Attacks; Rejections, Exclusions, Excommunications, Shunning; Greed and/or Concentrations of Wealth/Power; Unilateral-Rescues and/or Setting of Priorities; Incoherence in Combining-Words to make Oxymorons as above. 4. What other conflicts are linked with the primary conflict which we/others are focusing upon? 5. What are the realities which are denied/hidden within related Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception? E.g.; mortality, sexuality, intimacies, doubts, human-limits, limited-natural-resources, the costs of exponential- growth, vices-present, confusion, ignorance, prejudice, biases, . . . 6. What individuals and groups are being affected by the conflicts --- and in what ways in each instance? 7. What individuals and groups are working to truly- MITIGATE the conflict in the many creative-gracious ways of shalom which MITIGATE: alienation, estrangement, greed, confusion, ignorance, bias, prejudice, provincialism, etc? 8. Who are the most notable Domineering-Bullies who are augmenting the alienations that are most closely related to the conflict? Why are they honored/criticized by different kinds of people? 9. What potentially helpful questions and affirmations which are related to the conflict --- are NOT-the-Focus of Open-And-Honest-Dialogue among those being affected in significant ways? Why the NEGLECT? 10. What people are benefiting significantly from concentrations of power and wealth --- due to the continuation of the conflict? What people are victims of systemic injustices? Who are the people who are complicit in the systemic injustices? What kinds of relationships exist between/among those different people? 11. What are the central foci of each conflict? a. The practice of rank-ordering persons as such? b. Who is to have more wealth, power, honor, etc? c. Unequal distributions of what people most want? d. Denigrations of persons in terms of vices/virtues? e. Denigrations of people who are strange/different? f. Failures of people to conform/be-traditional? g. Failures of people to honor the right bullies? h. Fears that people might behave in unexpected ways? i. People who talk about TABOO topics/questions? j. People willing to reverse some rank-ordering? k. People willing to cast doubt upon sacred-truths? i. Daring to suggest new/different questions to ask? j. Refusing to be preoccupied with ancient questions? k. Exposing the ways powerful people lack integrity? l. Exposing to public view, vices in high places? m. Exposing the lack of virtues, in high places? n. Presuming to do, what is said to be impossible? o, Refusing to do, what Traditional-Bullies demand? p. Other possibilities? 12, What are the surrounding communities' (geographic, professional, religious, political, scholarly, economic, etc.) most enduring/powerful Collusive-Games-of-Mutual- Self-Deception; and how are they related to the conflict which you wish to understand and to MITIGATE? (Similarly for those communities' most enduring other Alienative- Kinds-of-Behaviors. 13. What are the focal conflicts over how to identify- and-label people who are most honorable and proper in their support of our good: economic, religious and political institutions/traditions within our territories? a. Who is properly in control? Resenting controls? b. How is that control maintained? c. Who is winning? Who is losing? Why? d. What are some of the helpful and gracious roles that are being-played by people who are being- together in true-conflict-MITIGATION-work? True-Lovers Cooperate/Collaborate in Exploring-Finding Creating New-Gracious-Ways to Mitigate-Tendencies toward Anxieties-and-Fears; Defenses-and-Attacks. Be-Together in the Many-Gracious Ways of Shalom. (c) 2008 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================