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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %LONG TRANSITION EVOLVING AGE DOMINATION SHALOM GOD 071002 %SYSTEM ANALYSIS REFLEXIVE REALITIES FACILITATE SIN 071002 The-Transition-Out of the Ages-of-Domination into the Ages-of-Shalom will no doubt take Many-Generations --- because few Prevailing-Humans can Tolerate-or-Manage any major shift away from the most Prevalent-Traditional-and- Basic: assumptions, attitudes, approaches, questions, conflicts, contentions, and competitions of their formative years. Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception create deep and slippery ruts. From the point of view of the Most- Successful-Dominators --- The-Domination-System is a Good- Thing. The victims of The-Domination-System are Pathetic-Losers who do not count for much within their communities. Their Views-and-Perspectives do not count with Domineering-People. Distributive-Justice Does- Not-Count. The Many-Transitions-Out of the Ages-of-Domination will occur because without those kinds of transitions --- human survival will be impossible. The Domination-System is a Self-Destructive-System when it becomes exceedingly successful; e.g., by building many nuclear weapons of technocratic domination and believing in the Reflexive- Theory-of-Mutually-Assured-Destruction By-Greedy-People. Eventually Mutually-Assured-Destruction is highly likely to fail; i.e., lead to the actual use of many Nuclear- Weapons-of-Domination and to Nuclear-Winter wherein no Higher-Beings-Can-Survive. Some of our Most-Important-Questions have to do with how we can encourage and facilitate the above transitions by how: 1. We behave when courting a new intimate relationship. 2. We respond in relationships between family members. 3. Set-Patterns of: cooperation, collaboration, shalom, conflict-resolution, generosity, hospitality, etc.; within nuclear families and school classrooms. 4. Build Corporations-and-Businesses that are as focused As-Much-Upon extensive patterns of: cooperation, Colaboration, shalom, conflict-resolution, generosity, hospitality, etc. --- As-Upon-Competition. 5. Cooperate within Systems-Analyses of the interactions between/among: ideals, values, hopes, aspirations, principles, goals, beliefs, patterns-of-trust; Virtues- and-Vices; technologies and societies; etc. 6. Increasing-Emphasize Integrations-and-Integrities; with decreasing emphasis upon Disintegrations-and- Destructions through: negations, denigrations, criticisms, denials, excommunications, banishments, exclusions, labels, hierarchies, arrogance, hubris, self- righteousness, and Destructive-Striving from Invulnerability-On-Top of the Heap-of-Garbage created by Previous-Domineering-Behaviors. The Many-Transition-Steps-Out of the Ages-of-Domination will occur With-The-Help of Many-True-Lovers who are Gently-Exploring the Edges-of-the-Streams of New-Kinds-of- Intimate: Friendships, Personal-Relationships, Scholarly- Relationships, and Sexual-Relationships which involve people Demonstrating Indeterminate-Genders and Kinds-of- Kind-Love-and-Intimacies in Very-Small-Groups. The above transitions out of the Ages-of-Domination will often be Opposed-and-Undermined by Domineering-People who claim that the Helpful-Kind-and-True-Lovers are Engaged- in-Behaviors which are NOT: Integrative, Helpful, Gracious, Generous, Hospitable, Creative, Loving; Ethical, Moral, Proper, Formal, Permitted, Sanctioned, Approved, or Properly-Controlled. True-Peacemakers Working-Closely-Together Within-the-Many- Ways-of-Shalom and Within-the-Many-Private-Sanctuaries which Domineering-People-Cannot-Clearly-Discern --- Will- Discern the Real: Motivations, Intentions, Designs, Goals, Purposes, Hopes, Aspirations and Plans of Coalitions-of-Domineering-People; and will Unmask-Reveal- Expose That- Which-Has-Been-Hidden through the long Trials-and- Tribulations of the Destructive-Ages-of- Domination. So long as Domineering-Greedy-People are Determining-When it is Safe-and-NOT-Safe To-Be-Vulnerable Within-Intimate- Gracious-Intimacies -- so long will The-Domination-Systems Be-Predominant. The Transitions-Out-of-the-Age-of-Domination will take place as True-Lovers Get-Graciously-Together in the Many- Different-Ways-of-Shalom within their own Private- Sanctuaries-for-All which they Build-Together and Nurture- Together at great risks to themselves and each other --- because of the INHERENT Great-Risks-of-Intimacy --- and because of the ARTIFICIAL Great-Risks-of-Intimacy MANUFACTURED by Domineering-People to increase their Greedy-Profits of: Domination, Controls, Violence, Alienation, Estrangement, Excommunications, Exclusivity, Corporations, Militarism, and Military-Industrial- Complexes which the poor and vulnerable cannot understand or control. Be-Truly-Together in the Many-Gracious ways of Shalom. (c) 2007 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================