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%SUBSTANCE NATURE TRUTH ACTIVE HUMAN RESPONSE BEING 050501 %INDIFFERENCE APATHY BOREDOM NEGLECT UNAWARE BLIND 050501 %RECONCILE CONSTRUCTIVE INTEGRATIVE ENTHUSIASTIC 050501 %ATTENTIVE ATTUNED AWARE SAID SPEAK POWER CORRUPTED 050501 What is the substance and nature of a "truth" to which: 1. The only active human responses have been: alienative, destructive, disintegrative, etc. 2. Most human responsive have been characterized by: indifference, apathy, boredom, neglect, etc? 3. Few humans have responded to because they have been totally unaware of the "truth"? Can a "truth" be really true in the absence of meaningful humane responses which are active, reconciling, constructive, integrative, enthusiastic, attentive, attuned, aware, etc? If so, in just what sense can such a "truth" be said to be true? To whom can it be said to be true? What difference can such a "truth" make? If it makes NO difference, in what sense can it be said to be true with integrity? With what kind of integrity? With the integrity of what reality that is real in what sense? Can a "truth" be really-true in-the-absence-of-assent and/or genuine affirmations of the "truth" on the part of people who are truly-free to refuse-to-assent-to that which they do not feel-like-affirming and/or assenting to because: 1. They do not understand the "truth". 2. They understand, but do not believe it to be true. 3. They resent those who would force-them-to-assent. 4. They understand how the "truth" may-easily-be-abused. 5. They know how the "truth" has-easily-been-abused. 6. They cannot see the "truth" as-coherent in any way. 7. They do not see the "truth" as-at-all-integrative. If a-truth-presentation is essentially-disintegrative --- in what sense can it be said to be "true"? We need to ask how affirming-and-assenting-to the "truth- presentation" --- will affect the integrities of diverse humane-relationships. We need to think carefully about what would be a clear, authentic and accurate response to that question! We need to respond to the ostensible "truth" in the light of what is clear to us and others! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================