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%WHEN WHAT POINT PERMIT TOLERATE PRUDENT RIGHT SIN 050425 %PROPER ENCOURAGE ESSENTIAL LET GO ANCESTOR GRUDGE 050425 %CONFLICT WAR OLD FAMILY FEUD SPLIT DENOMINATION 050425 %GOD TALK THEOLOGY FACTION RELIGION GROUP SPLINTER 050425 %CITY STATE NATION CORPORATE GANG POWER CONCENTRAT 050425 %INJUSTICE UNFAIR JUSTICE LOST WON FAILED EXCLUDE 050425 At what point is it: permitted, tolerated, prudent, right, proper, encouraged, essential, etc: 1. To let-go of ancestors conflicts, wars, grudges, etc. 2. To let-go of old-family feuds. 3. To let-go of old theological conflicts between split-off factions within religious groups. 4. To let-go of settling the score on old occasions of injustice between ancestors. 5. To let-go of preoccupations with who won and who lost in the past. 6. To let-go of ancient justifications for: exclusions, excommunications, banishments, wars, genocide, etc. 7. To let-go of The Myth of Redemptive Violence. 8. To let-go of The Myth of Redemptive Coercion. 9. To let-go of The Myth of Technocratic Salvation. 10. To let-go of The Fallen Powers That Be. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================