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%DEFINE IDENTIFY REVEAL EXPOSE DESCRIBE REAL EVIL 050419 %RELATIONSHIP ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT EXCOMMUNICATE 050419 %ENTROPY CHAOS CONFUSION PREJUDICE BIAS IGNORANCE 050419 %DISTRUST ANGER RESENTMENT REBELLION REVENGE POWERS 050419 %CONCENTRATIONS WEALTH CAPITAL INVESTMENTS GAINS IT 050419 %DOMINATE COERCION VIOLENCE INTEGRITY HONESTY TRUTH 050419 We cannot transcend and subvert "The Domination System", Domineering-People, "The Fallen-Powers-That-Be", Addicts-and-Codependent-Supporters, "Collusive-Games-Of- Mutual-Self-Deception" or their "Spiritual-Friends-and- Relatives" --- so long as we think and work within their "Frames", "Spirit" and paradigms and do the following: 1. Win unilaterally in any sense. 2. Defeat others in any sense. 3. Win through negations and denigrations. 4. Denigrate others' constructive efforts. 5. Appear to be --- other that what we really are. 6. Engage in Negative-Sum-Competitions. 7. Presume ourselves to be Superior-to-Others. 8. Presume others to be Inferior-to-Ourselves. 9. Negate-More than What-we-Affirm. 10. Destroy-More than What-We-Construct. 11. Undermine more integrities than we integrate. 12. Destroy more Hopes-And-Aspirations than we affirm. None of the above procedures Destroy-or-Mitigate Real-Evil in any significant sense or way --- because all Real-Evil resides Essentially-Within Relationships-of- Alienation rather than Essentially-Within Individuals-of- any-Kind. No form of destruction yields a Net-Reduction in Evil-Relationships. All destructive/disintegrative processes generate more entropy/chaos/alienation than what they eliminate --- whether within the objective realm, or within the reflexive-realm. Within the objective realm the Third-Law-of-Thermodynamics has been shown to describe quite reliably that within all isolated systems all processes generate a net increase in objective entropy and chaos. It is hard to make any case for believing that within the reflexive realm the reverse can ever be true where Real-Evil is present. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================