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%FRAME LANGUAGE GEORGE LAKOFF ELEPHANT TRAGIC ERROR 050330 %META VALUE IDEALS ASSUMPTIONS ATTITUDES BEGINNINGS 050330 %OVERCOME WINNER LOSER NEGATION PRESENT POWER BEING 050330 %INTEGRITIES CIVILITY HOSPITALITY WELCOME REJECTION 050330 %DICHOTOMY POLARIZE ENEMY FRIEND EVIL RELATIONSHIPS 050330 %COOPERATE COLLABORATE SANCTUARY SAFELY VULNERABLE 050330 Using the "Frames" and "Language" of George Lakoff in his book "don't think of an elephant": We cannot overcome the Tragically-Mis-Leading-Frames and the Tragically-Mis-leading-Language of Domineering- People who are Tragically-Led the Fallen-Powers-That-Be; Through NEGATIONS That-Are-Presented within the same Mis-Leading-Frames and using the same MIs-Leading-Language which have been used by Domineering-People who are Tragically-Led by the Fallen-Powers-That-Be. ==========================================================